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Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Lack Of MOral Authority In America Today

Mob mentality in the streets rebelling against legally elected government authority: Government prosecutors rigging evidence to convict innocent people because it is politically expedient for them to be re-elected: Entertainment personalities publicly degrading and insulting innocent people with off hand characterizations: Hypocrite so-called-ministers demanding justice or mercy when it suits their pocketbook. It is a time “When every man does that which is right in his own eyes.” Moral authority has been relegated to the “feelings” of the individual and America is wondering why it is in the mess it’s in.

We have developed into such an adversarial society that many of our children are becoming combat veterans before they graduate from High school. After recent events, we can look for another round of "gun control laws" being made. There may be more things that need to be done to keep guns out of the hands of the irresponsible, but I always get nervous about law makers passing laws under duress. GOD knows they have enough trouble getting it right when it's just day to day business. They don't need the additional pressure.

The problem we face here is not about guns. It's about authority. If gunpowder had never been invented, this controversy called "gun control" would be called "bow and arrow control" or "sling and rock control". Guns, spears, arrows etc. don't kill people. People kill people. Don’t try to laugh that off. The truth will set you free. Remember, “If guns cause violence,” then they same reasoning says “erasures on pencils cause mistakes.”

Face the real issue. It's about "authority". We have taught "rights" over "responsibility" for so long, that any attempt to make people act responsible looks like a violation of someone's rights. This brings about rebellion. When an individual person makes a choice to end another person's life, they have taken on authority that they don't have. To assume this authority a person has to come out from under and throw off all established Divine, parental and civil authority. This is called rebellion and at this level it usually is not the first time rebellion has been seen in this individual's life. One does not make one giant step from being in total submission and obedience to parents, school official and civil authorities, to walking into a building and shooting down anyone who moves.

Influences in our lives will either move us toward being good or move us toward being evil. When you add together the effects of gangsta’ rap and Goth heavy metal - the other music-videos, and the impact of violent video games, you end up with a rebellious worldview. Add to this television's amplified teaching of one's right to assert their preferred perversion and the prevailing notion that "freedom" means "no moral restraint", you end up with rebellion as a standard attitude. Immoral behavior becomes funny or cute, thereby becoming common place and acceptable. As for the music and videos, allow your children to pour garbage into their minds, after awhile you get garbage out. Children are not being taught to properly claim their rights by submission to higher authority. They are learning everything they learn from the cursing, fighting and immoral lives of the adults in the rebellious and broken homes they are growing up in.

Most churches hardly even touch on "moral freedom" any more. Moral freedom is not the right to do whatever your glands tell you to do; it is the power of a disciplined life that gives you the strength to do what you know is right. Remember back when we allowed a hand full of people to throw GOD'S Book out of our schools? Now you hear people ask, "Where is GOD when all of this shooting takes place?" He's out there where you threw Him years ago when you became so enlightened that you didn't need His influence in the lives of your children any more. Is it really any wonder that “in the schools” is where it's all being played out before us?

The Bible is the only proven standard we have. People must be under the authority of an absolute standard of right and wrong for character training. We do not come into this world desiring to respect and acknowledge the rights of the people around us. Children must be taught that other people are not just props to complete the stage of their life. Next, people must be under authority for the sake of their own conscience. The most frustrated and miserable people you know are the ones who always find a way around discipline and authority. They go through life making excuses and shifting blame on to someone else for their bad choices.
To accept authority is to accept responsibility for obedience. People who have no discipline hold other people responsible for their happiness and when life fails to meet their implanted desires and expectations, they blame others, grow to hate authority even more and then go off like volcanoes damaging all of us. If not physically, emotionally damaged.

There are three places for you to learn about authority. First, there is the family. It was here that GOD established the place to start learning to live under authority. Parents can't say, "I'll wait till they start school and let the teachers discipline them". You can't afford to wait till they are old enough to understand. Please, parents, don't tell children to do something if you are not going to make them do it. They just grow up doubting the orders of all who will be in authority over them, even those who may be trying to give them instructions that could save their life. The next place is the government. No, it is not school. School is there to educate them about the government's authority over them, not fix social issues or teach discipline. The basic two functions of government authority is to restrain or punish evil and to protect and reward those who do good. Lastly, the best place to help the family teach authority is in a GOD fearing, Bible believing, teaching and preaching church. A high view of scripture is a sign of respect for and submission to authority. GOD'S authority. WHO IS YOUR FINIAL AUTHORITY?

GOD is the source of all authority, He is "...King of kings and LORD of lords". (I Timothy 6:15) This means all authority is GOD given. Wherever authority is exercised, it is an area of jurisdiction assigned by GOD along with the resources and power to function for society's good. Submission is an attitude of reverence for GOD given authority whereby you willingly place yourself in obedience as an act of faith.

Obedience is the moral freedom to live a creative life under the protection of this divinely appointed authority while conforming to their rules of order. If you are having trouble with these words: "Obedience", "Authority" and "Submission" then you are part of the problem and until you change your attitude you'll never be part of the solution.

Why do you have so much trouble with this basic knowledge of order? Our head functions as authority in relation to our bodies to provide protection, provision and give direction to our lives. It is the same purpose and benefits for being under the authority of GOD. To do anything else is to be out of your head. The Bible speaks to this in, "Children obey your parents in the LORD, for this is right. Honor your father and mother, which is the first commandment with promise: that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth. Look around you, how well are things with us and how much longer can man live on this earth?


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