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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Call for Senator Fred Thompson to Step forward

This is what my congressman says; Washington, D.C. - Congressman Jeff Miller (R-Fl-01) issued the following statement in regards to tonight's Republican presidential debate:

"I look forward to watching tonight's debate and seeing how each of the ten Republican candidates outlines their vision for the nation. Although there are several talented leaders in tonight's debate, it's my belief that the next president won't be on the stage this evening. I believe that Senator Fred Thompson is the right person for the job and I am excited about the notion of his candidacy. Senator Thompson is exactly what this country needs right now. He brings a conservative voice and a proven track record of leadership to the race. He is an outstanding communicator and would bring a national optimism to the country not seen since Ronald Reagan was in office. Fred Thompson doesn't need to be in this race; America needs Fred Thompson to be in this race."

While I enjoyed the GOP debate last night, and I lean very heavily in this same direction as Congressman Miller. I liked what I saw in several people last night, and as some spoke and answered questions, it confirmed what I already thought about them being RINO's. While Newt may be smart and all that, I don't see him being able to take out Hillary or Obama at the national level. I do believe Fred Thompson can do that.
My heart broke when Ron Paul let his words get turned around on him. I know what he was trying to say, and I agree with him on that point. I don’t think we “caused 9-11” but the collective weight that accumulated over years of being too involved in other people‘s business was a major factor. The US is involved in other people's business far too much. But that's not what everyone else heard, and Rudi jumped all over it. That sound-bite will be used against Ron Paul till he goes to his grave and that's a shame. He was trying to tell the truth.
Study the true history of our foreign policy moves since WWII and in every case, you'll see Korea was a cease-fire, not a truce, Vietnam was a cut, run and abandonment of friends; Iran crapped all over us about supporting the Shaw and still couldn't pick a fight with us because of our yellow president at the time; the Moslems in Afghanistan took our guns and dollars and fought the Russians knowing that one day we would be next. Castro asked the US for help against a gangster being bought by the Mob (read Joseph P. Kennedy friends) - The nation of Taiwan is hanging by a thread and that's why they are negotiating with Red China. It’s the same reason the president of Iraq went to make nice with the president of Iran. He knows that one day we will cut and run. He’s just covering his own butt.
This is why the founding fathers wrote instructions into the constitution forbidding the signing of treaties, and getting all involved with other people's business. It makes people hate us. Don't you hate a busy-body meddling in your business, even when you know they mean well? Are we to Defend ourselves? Yes! Give aid and comfort to people fighting despotic government? Yes! Be an active negotiator (NOT A POLICEMAN) of peace deals between our neighbors? YES! Expose our sovereignty as a nation for the making of a treaty with someone else? NO! Every agreement that has been penned in the UN, including our joining, is a violation of our constitution.
This is NOT taking a protectionist position, it is good common sense used every day in people's personal lives. I am a Christian and I come to the aid of my neighbors in their times of trouble, I show myself to be a good neighbor by being very cheerful, generous and sympathizing OVER A GOOD FENCE! I believe this was the worldview and language used by the founding fathers in the US Constitution. And this idea of drawing a gun, using it just to wave around and then attempting to "talk" your way to peace is idiotic. When you muster the fighting forces, it must NEVER be a bluff. Only bullies bluff. NEVER threaten military intervention unless you intend to set a goal for the military, and then get out of their way and support them till they win. This half-assed fighting of an un-declared war makes combat far more dangerous than it has to be. I’m looking for a President who understands the US Constitution and will follow it.

God Bless the troops, God Bless America!
Rev. Ed Anthony SSGT. '65-'73
National Co-Chaplain GoE


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