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Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Got into to a tiff with a liberal on facebook the other started when he was trying to paint all people who want to be back under the US Constitution as "extremist." I butted in and here are the last three exchanges...I'm not replying to him again...(he has enough truth to melt both polar ice caps) There is a copy of how the exchange went below...

Ed Anthony...@Doug…according to you, I am part of the problem...and you're right, I am...I didn't fight communist on 3 continents, around the world to come home and discuss the "pros and cons" of a socialist, Marxist state, and I sure as h**l am not going to try to find common ground with people who condone beating of their women and having sex with children and animals. (Islam) You need to take your "academic posing," for a long walk on a short pier. That dog don't hunt no more. In an effort to appear well informed and even handed with all people and lifestyles, you end up giving credibility to the absurd. You’re just like all the other liberals who live in a “theoretical world” where you never have to deal with the realities brought on people by the variations of communism and Islam. There is no “up” side to either of the two systems being offered by the left today.
If you ever come out of your “made-up-in-your-mind-only” reality and deal with the messy real life issues you will be able to see why I’m part of the problem for the anti-American “LEFT!”
The Obamassiah is right, I am not only his enemy, I am his worst nightmare. The nightmare that “control freak” despots all over the world used to tremble to think of my kind. I’ve ranted enough, now I’ll show you the difference between “Right” and “Left.”
#1.) The left wants all people to have the same social remuneration and rights that someone else has without have to earn them. (Equal misery of scarcity)
#2.) The right wants all people to be endowed with benefits of freedom, so they can become all they have the personal capacity to accomplish.
One way says, come kneel here and I’ll give you what you need…
The other says, there it is, help yourself…have all you want…

Doug Chandler…@Ed Anthony: You're not only part of the problem, but you sound like a real, live crackpot. Guess what? England, Sweden, France, Germany and Israel, not to mention scores of other countries, have all tinkered with socialism or... social programs to a much greater degree than the United States has -- and none of them has become anything close to a communist tyranny. Neither has the United States, which has had a mixed economy since FDR.
Or perhaps you want to call Eisenhower and Nixon, all of whom proposed government programs of their own, communists as well? No liberal that I know is discussing the "pros" and "cons" of a Marxist state, but I do know of one person unable to make rational distinctions -- and I'm writing to him now.
Muslims? Guess what, Ed? I know dozens of American Muslims, some of whom I consider friends, and not one has sex with children and animals. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Ed Anthony…@Doug...SEE!'re proving my point about “liberals and academic posing," you are NOT thinking in terms of the real world…you’re trying to explain to me how and why a little bit of sewage in my drinking water has been there all along and that a little bit of sewage in the drinking water will, some how be more fair to others and be good for all of us, and look at how all the other people have done so well with sewage in their drinking water, etc…Doug, just how large do the “solids in the drinking water” have to be before you’ll wake up and “smell the water?”


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