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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Remark On Mr. Obama's Plans

With Mr. Obama's "town hall meeting" on TV today, he removed any doubt I may have had about him being a "Marxist" style communist, in spite of his Muslim predisposition. I watched it as long as I could. But when he came to the point where he said that we could look at Canada or England we would see some short comings, but “we can do better than that.”

THAT is ALWAYS the mark of a true Marxist. They believe that the only reason all of these socialist/communist governments have NOT worked in the past, is because “they” were not in charge.

For the sake of your children and grand children in the America of tomorrow, you had better get in touch with your Congress Critter and put the fear of GOD in them about this "Health-care" take-over and the "Cap and Trade" mess. So far, he has not dug a hole too deep for us to get out of, but if these two bills succeed in becoming law, it's all over but the sad singing and slow walking.

Pray for the troops.


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