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Thursday, July 19, 2007

This is Extortion, Plain & Simple

If the President "caves in" to this latest demand coming in September by the Socialist/Communist Democrats and Republicans now in office - if he sets this arbitrary time table for removing troops from the battlefield, then true Americans are without a leader and there could, and may should be, riots in the streets.
This is not a call for violence, nor is it a defense of President Bush or to be understood at all as a defense of the conduct of the war in Afghanistan or Iraq. I have serious disagreements with the administration over many aspects of their conduct of the war. But loyal, patriotic Americans will not and should not tolerate the leaders of the house and senate interfering with the office of the President as commander-in-chief. All of the prating about a “mandate” to end the war aside, it was NOT a mandate to remove the commander-in-chief’s authority in the military chain of command or run around encouraging our enemies and enacting new foreign policy. These are acts of treason and by law and reason, cannot be allowed to take place. Every act that shows us as double-minded about the war effort, gives hope to a terribly degraded enemy. These acts will cause everything in our nation to be reduced to anarchy. Some want and call for that. There is a movement out there being conducted by international interest, that has as it’s goal, to OWN America and control all of it’s wealth and people. The leadership of America is being reduced by the internationalist to being nothing more than “bell-cows” for outside interest.
This act of declaring the war lost/and or un-winnable by Harry Reed & Nancy Pelosi is the political/moral equivalent of the President declaring himself as President-for-life and suspending both houses and the courts. Their act, in it’s simplest terms is extortion. One can not point to someone else’s incompetence or bad behavior to justify their unlawful actions. Americans need to rise up in September and be heard supporting the troops.
This usurping of authority by blackmail, is the strategy of thieves and thugs, not honorable men and women. It has, too long, been the coin of the realm in our nation’s capitol as well as many state and local governments. In this case, it endangers the lives and safety of our Armed Forces by encouraging the already too bold terrorist.
There are many Americans, I believe, who will NOT allow this to take place, even if they have to resort to violence. I shudder for our Country as these “black-mail” tactics are employed to circumvent the President and impose their own political agenda at the expense of our troop‘s lives. I don’t believe that our founding fathers ever dreamed that such schemes would be allowed to take place. I also believe this type of scheme is the reason why the second amendment was written into the US Constitution. This is the very reason they saw a need for armed private citizens. (NOTE: It seems to be rather stupid to think the founding fathers would use the bill of rights in the Constitution to state the obvious, that our military would be armed.)
It is apparent to me and I’m sure many others, that the personality disorders that drive these ego-maniacs to want total control, in this nation, of every aspect of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is what’s behind all of this. What we have been watching for seven years, is the “ripening of the fruit” from the tree of Narcissism. The demos lost so much face in the 2000 elections and again in 2004, that it has pushed them over the edge into desperation mode. The disgust shown the Republicans in the 2006 elections was a mandate for ethics, not surrender. Our voters elected desperate people in 2006 and desperate people are dangerous people and will often provoke peaceful, passive people into violate conflict. Our nation moves ever closer to open sectarian strife.
I call on all Americans, Pray to whatever higher power you believe in and those who reject the idea of a higher power do whatever it is you do when you feel the need of “outside help.” We are in serious trouble as a nation, and “we the people” are the only ones who can fix it. To do that, we must come together first, as Americans.
Many years ago, a lot of us could see the writing on the wall. The communist were making a bid to take over our nation and destroy our constitutional republic form of government. Somewhere in that conversation the idea was presented that out of the Military Academies was a secret group of men who would go on to become the Generals and Admirals known only to themselves, who would step forward in a crisis, throw out the Socialist/Communist politicians and restore the US Constitution. I don’t know if that is true or not, but if that is true, fellows, if you are out there, NOW might be about time.


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