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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Land Of Golden Opportunity

NOTE: I wrote this about 1982 or '83, not long after I started as a "Lay Evangelist" and church planter in the SBC. Working in an area where there was not a lot of wealth or white folks, I found out what many in the church believe about the gospel. That experience produced this tract.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful land called the Land of Golden opportunity. There was much wealth in this land and the people were very kind and good to each other. Their hearts were warm and they wanted to be good neighbors. They were a strong and healthy people and being very industrious they worked hard.

Now the King of this land of Golden Opportunity wanted his subjects to do many and marvelous things; So in order to promote all of these activities, He made a decree that 10% of the citizen's income would be owed to the King. Now because the people loved their king and believed in Him, many gave more than 10%. Some even gave special gifts.

One day news reports carried the 'announcements that a terrible tragedy was taking place in other lands. An epidemic of the dreaded disease of “NO HOPE” was running rampant in all the world and many people were sick and dying. It seemed that young and old, rich and poor were being stricken with the terrible disease. And then the call came. Could the people of the land of golden opportunity help?

Now the King, Who was also the Great Physician, reminded His subjects that they were forever free from this terrible disease called “NO HOPE” because He had given THEM the remedy. The remedy was so powerful that just one injection was needed and it insured that never again would that person suffer from “NO HOPE.” But best of all, it was FREE and there was an abundance for everyone. Then the King announced that He was going on a journey, but that He would be back soon. Before He left, He opened the treasury where the remedy for “NO HOPE” was kept. He also announced that he would give them the keys so that they could help their neighbors and save them from dying with “NO HOPE.” The King gave them a “GO TELL” commission to go and heal all people of “NO HOPE.” The people were overjoyed that they would be able to help their neighbors. So immediately they set to work.

They decided the first thing to do was organize. With proper organization, and administration, one could be assured of success in any endeavor. So they appointed committees to organize the people. Of course, there were a lot of committees. After all, there had to be one to organize the men, one to organize the women, and one to organize the young people. As they continued it was obvious that other committees were needed. One to deal with transportation was vital. And of course there needed to be a committee responsible for seeing that fun and music were included in the program, how else would they be able to hold the interest of the people? On and on things went, until it became apparent that the people needed someone with a lot of training, possibly an executive type, to run such a huge organization. And they realized that they would have to pay him a large salary. Of course he would need a big office. So they built large buildings and filled them with plush carpet and large velvet chairs. After all, they asked themselves, wasn't it all for a very good cause?

The next project of the people of the land of golden opportunity was to construct buildings where many thousands could gather and get the very best, most up to date “CARE” for "NO HOPE." They would be told all about the disease “NO HOPE” -- How they got the disease -- How they could make themselves more comfortable with the disease -- How they could find ways to make the disease less noticeable and so on. We will use a “COME SEE” plan.

Then one day along came someone and tried to point out that millions were sick and dying and that all they needed was one injection and that it was free! But the planners just thought he was trying to block their progress and get some attention and money for his own program.
There continued to be news reports that many people were dying all around the land of Golden Opportunity. The reports made it clear that it was impossible to tell how many of those alive today would be alive tomorrow. Time was running out, the remedy had to be delivered soon. As powerful as the remedy was, it would not bring back to life those who died with “NO HOPE.”

But the people of the land of Golden Opportunity would not hear the reports! They were too busy, too involved with their own wonderful organization. They would meet every year and tell the world, look at us, look what we have done. Look at our Multimillion dollar program for our neighbors and just as soon as we get more money, we will make it even larger. They applauded their own achievements.

And besides, there are still a few people out there who are actually distributing the remedy using that old fashioned “GO TELL” stuff.

One day the King will return just like he said he would. Can you hear His questions and their answers?
"Why are the people of the world still dying of "No Hope"?"
Then they will say:
“Look at all of our fine buildings, plush offices and velvet chairs we have built in your name, Lord.”
“Look at all of our committees and boards organized - spliting hairs and churning out tons of programs and paper work to impress people in your name Lord”
“Look at all of our fine executive types who have been educated, schooled, pampered and polished in your name Lord.”
“Look at the great salaries, pension plans, and travel allowances we have given them as they go about in their silver slippers to tell other executive types how to promote more of these plans, programs and allowances in your name LORD.”

And then He said, that He would say this…………
“Lord, Lord, have we not ………….in your name …” (vs. 22)
“And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. Therefore, whosoever hearth these sayings of mine and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man which built his house upon a rock: (Matthew 7: 22-24 KJV)


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