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Sunday, June 15, 2008

It’s All Part Of The Plan

There is a lot of “manure-spreading” taking place in our nation today about oil and food prices. And at the rate I’m seeing it being spread, we should break out in a harvest of mushrooms any day now, the likes of which the world has never seen.

Let me throw a fast ball at you first. REGUARDLESS OF HOW MUCH OIL YOU PUMP OUT OF THE GROUND, IF YOU CAN’T REFINE IT, CRUDE OIL IS NEXT TO USELESS FOR TODAY’S USE! The US has not built a new refinery in 30 plus years. NO, Ethel, the oil companies only control the ones now in service, the tree huggers control the ones yet to be built. This means we must tell our elected officials in Washington to give back the environmentalist bribes or get out of town. Next, tell the oil companies, “Set a realistic index of projected US needs, year by year, for the next 20 years. Make plans to refine to each needed yearly capacity in the next twelve to eighteen months.” Make sure the oil companies understand that THEY will fund the cost of any mess they make. ALL OF IT! Then, Drill here, Drill now and tell OPEC, “You sell oil for $136.00 a barrel. Fine, we no longer sell you wheat and corn for $7.00 a bushel. It’s now $136.00 a bushel. Can’t afford it? Tough! Drink your oil! Ought to go well with a nice thick grilled filet of camel rump!

Now, the curve ball. Tell the automobile industry, “STOP SITTING ON TOP OF TECHNOLOGY HIDDEN UNDER YOUR PATENTS!” “This violates our nations anti-trust laws (remember them) and they could be rescinded.” “This could open the market to a whole new transportation industry.” Give them eighteen months to show some real and meaningful accomplishments or the patents are gone and now they have the same twenty years to get their act together that the oil companies have.

Thirty years ago, my dad was showing me ideas he had on hydrogen converters for automobiles. They were not practical (because of size and weight) at that time for anything other than Trains. We discussed Solar, wind, water and Nuclear power. Now there is some other ideas whose time has come. The point is, this is NOT cutting edge technology, it’s been around for years. Thomas Edison told Henry Ford in 1907, “Give me five years and I’ll develop an electric car motor that won’t stink up the air and scare the ladies, children and horses.” (How many of you know that Thomas Edison gave Henry Ford his first real engineering job?) Henry Ford answered Mr. Edison that maybe one day in the future, but right now, he had a new plant in the works and it would be too costly to retool everything. Did you know that the US had supercharged two stroke diesel engines in some of our WWII tanks? Did you also know that in 1965, I drove a five ton truck to get my military driving license, that was called a “multi-fuel” because it would burn any grade of gas, any mixture of gas, diesel, alcohol, jet fuel, kerosene or paint thinner? Don’t try to convince me that General Motors can’t do this today. It will make me break out in mushrooms.
I talked to a fellow a few months back who is taking old cooking oil and motor oil and using it to produce diesel for all of his company vehicles and equipment in his own place. He said it’s costing him about $.28, (twenty eight cents) a gallon. Even with big government’s greedy hands and profit for the oil companies, we should be around $1.50 a gallon, tops. Did you know that a train has the capacity to move a ton of freight over four hundred miles with one gallon of fuel? Know any busses other than electric, that can do that? We were once the most resourceful nation of people on earth. Back then there were no Hyphenated Americans. We understood that we were all in the same boat and there was plenty of room for everyone. The difference today is, “We now have all of these politically correct special sub-groups who have to have special treatment for one reason of perceived mistreatment or another. Drop the hyphen in front of American. What ever it was, It Happened - It Ended - Get over it! Get in the struggle to save our nation from our elected leaders.

Now the strike out pitch. NONE OF THIS WILL EVER COME TO PASS. THE DEMOCRATS ARE WORKING TO TURN US INTO SLAVES FOR THE INTERNATIONALIST (Read UN) AND THE REPUBLICANS ARE TRYING TO RAPE AND STEAL ALL THEY CAN BEFORE THE DEMOCRATS ARE SUCCESSFUL. Our leaders are NOT going to stand up and take our nation back BECAUCE they KNOW we are NOT going to throw them out if they don‘t. Look at what they are doing to the greatest free nation of people that has ever existed in the history of mankind.

I’m not saying that we can’t change the way it is, I’m saying we won’t. Almost all will silently continue to follow the bell cow to the slaughter house. A few will shout to the high heavens, but we will be drowned out by the cry for more free health care, someone feed, raise and educate my children while I fulfill myself. That is very sad because it makes true the old adage, “The world will not end with a bang, but with a whimper!”………….Ed


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