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Friday, May 30, 2008

Careful Louise, All The Squirrels Ain't In The Trees

Well it seems that over the week-end while all of us normal Americans were celebrating America, some of the barnyard swine got restless. While we were honoring the fallen heroes who provided our freedom, some of the anti-American squirrels came down out of their trees. And it seems they are running wild all this week.

Sharon Stone’s explanation of how the world functions makes one believe that she has had something other than her finger going up her nose. Surely no one in their right mind would stand up and proclaim that all of the people who died in the earth-quake in China, got just what they deserved. Tell me she was high on something. But please don’t tell me this woman was in her right mind and really believes that several thousand children deserved to be swallowed up in the earth because of what the communist rulers in Beijing are doing to the Dalai Lama. Surely she can’t think that the seventy-three year old man, whose wife fed him for days while he was trapped under the rubble, should have his house fall on him because of communist party abuse toward the people of Tibet. If “karma” was a fact would not her mouth have grown as shut as her mind by now? I believe the only reason she apologized was because she never dreamed there would this much blow-back.

Next, the squirrel of all squirrels our best ex-President, Jimmy “the-peanut-brained” Carter. Stands up before the whole world and shares the “classified?” information he has been privy to about who has how many nukes. I’m certain the Israeli people are not real happy about being outted as to how well armed they may or may not be. Isn’t there some sort of standard about intelligent behavior that we can use to legally declare this poor tortured soul incompetent, take away his passport and put a muzzle on him. You know he has to be in a great deal of pain. It has to hurt to be so eat-up with stupid. And like the man says, “You can’t fix stupid!”

You just know that God the Father is so pleased with Trinity United Church of Christ. You know, where rev. Jeremiah “G-D-America” Wright was the pastor and spiritual adviser for about twenty years to Barrack Obama. This place has a longer line of the most filthy-mouthed, hate filled, speakers (You can’t call them preachers of the gospel) than any so called pulpit has ever had to endure. Father? Michael “potty-mouth,” Pfleger was the latest speaker to pass up the chance to speak to these people about their souls and “play-to-the-crowd” with wild, inflammatory, racist remarks. This false prophet - wolf in sheep’s clothing, should be shunned like he has leprosy, by everyone until his repentance becomes as notorious as his sin. No! I’m not buying his apology either. He knew what he was going to say when he went in there. It’s just a sad, long line of clowns, out there skinning the sheep. If any of the denominational leadership had Biblical courage, they would de frock these wolves in sheep’s clothing. Memo to the members: When your “preachers” use foul words - cursing, from God’s sacred desk, they are NOT speaking for the Lord Jesus - it’s NOT Christian.

What can we say about Scott “momma’s-fine-little-man” McClellan? I didn’t trust him when he was working for the White house and I like him even less now. I am NOT a big fan of the current President nor his party. I guess the reason I am skeptical about his claim that the Bush administration was so skillful at deceiving the public, is because as I would grade them, “This administration has at least matched, if not surpassed the Carter administration for incompetence in execution of a plan and lack of ability to intelligently defend it’s people and positions.” I don’t know if what “momma’s-little-man” has written in his book is true or not. I do know that where I come from, if he sat through all he accuses the Bush administration of doing to deceive the American people, said nothing and continued to take a paycheck, we have a name for him. It’s WHORE! A US government position as spokesman for the President of the US is NOT the place to "find yourself." He should be grown and know who he is and what he stands for by now. I apologize to all prostitutes in Brownsville, Ensley and everywhere else.


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