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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Whatever Happened To My Grandparent's Democrat Party?

That’s the question of the hour for so many “former democrats” like myself. My mother’s father would have voted for the jack-ass it’s self if they had put his picture on the ticket. I can still hear my father’s mother saying, “If you want to go back to “Hoover Days” (meaning the depression) just let them republicans get back in office.” All of my family agreed, fifty years ago, that the democrat party was the party “of the common man.” And was considered the only place where the common man could have his voice heard. So, What happened?
My observations may help some to understand how the party got in the mess they are in now. The simple answer is, “They took a hard left turn somewhere back up the road.” But then the republicans have made the same left turn in their thinking and attitude as well. (Just not as far to the left and not as fast) It all started publicly in the sixty’s when both parties started “giving credibility to the absurd.”
America and liberty were in a world-wide free-for-all with the repressive philosophy of world dominating communism. And when irrational, repressive ideas were presented by spoiled-brat college children, many said, “Hold on, we need to listen.” When children who had been taught by socialist/communist professors, spewed these vile un-American absurdities, many adults gave the ideas credibility by open discussion. The children were being told that, “Everyone can have it all.” And “the state” can create utopia right here, right now, for free. We now know that’s just not true, someone has to pay the piper. Over the last forty years the U.S. deficit has proven this to be a fact. But not willing to admit the ridiculousness of the communist philosophy, the boomer generation of democrats plunged on in an effort to prove that the only reason socialism/communism had not worked anywhere before, was because “they” were not in charge. They are totally convinced that the more “central control” - the more “power” the federal government has, the more problems it can fix. They have lost those beautiful words from Abraham Lincoln, “….Government OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people shall not perish from the earth.” It Has. The ideology of the democratic party today is “Government OF the “elite” OVER the masses, FOR their own good.”
This is evidenced by the idea of an all powerful DNC that can dictate to each state when, where and how they may hold their state elections. And the DNC has assumed the authority to punish, by however stringent a means they deem necessary, the states that do not obey their dictates. How can the DNC begin to think they have the authority to disallow the votes of the people of Michigan and Florida? The right to vote is guaranteed by the US Constitution, NOT the DNC! This was an unconstitutional deal when it was ordered. They do NOT now have, nor have they ever had the authority to remove the constitutional right to vote from anyone in any election. Party bosses (same name in the communist party) do not want to trust the people with the decision making process, so they have invented this idea that some people are more equal than others, therefore they have “super delegates” to make sure that if the people screw it up and don’t vote the way party bosses (read DNC) want, these super delegates can correct it. Evidence of this is the pressure to have Hilary Clinton get out of the race. WHY? Almost half the people in the party want her in the race. The fact that Clinton and Obama agreed to this unconstitutional idea of not counting the votes of these two states is finial evidence that they too, are both flawed in their basic understanding of government “of the people, by the people, for the people.” They are part of the problem, not part of the solution.
Now the DNC faces the mess if the nomination goes to Clinton, the Black populace will riot in the streets, and may be with good cause. If the nomination goes to Obama because of a backroom deal to divide up the Michigan and Florida vote other than as they were cast, it’s going to split the democratic party wide open. The only way out for honest democrats, is march into the convention, demand to be seated and counted. After the Presidential candidate is elected by the people, they should demand a re-write of their by-laws so that the people of each state are put back in charge of elections instead of the omnipotent DNC. If the attitude and philosophy of the party was as it should be, the DNC, being farthest from the people, would have the least power and control. The state leaders would have more responsibility and accountability because they are closer to the people. Then we can get back to “One person, One vote” government, you know, “of the people, by the people, for the people.” That is as it should be in both parties.

"When a man who is honestly mistaken is presented the truth, he ceases to be mistaken, or he ceases to be honest!"
Ed Anthony


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