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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The last time America had a crisis about a General having a different idea about how to prosecute a war and was fired by the President, was when Truman fired General Douglas MacArthur over the conduct of the Korean war. We all see how well that turned out because a politician sitting in the White House, nose open to the UN directives, knew what to do better than a combat tested General. That is a war that has never declared a truce. That’s right Louise, we have had ONLY a cease fire agreement with North Korea in place all these years.
These remarks, while in appropriate, had to be expected. It’s nothing new. The people who are upset over the General’s remarks would wet their pants over what went on in the Vietnam war. One other note here, The Vice-President is NOT in the chain of command.
The Obamassiah called this man in and blew smoke all up his six. He made him believe he was behind him all they way, then dropped a rock on him when he asked for what was needed to end this thing. The Obamassiah was threatened by the puppet-master behind him, because he had called in a guy who could do the job of ending this war with honor. The puppet-master does NOT want this war to end; he does NOT want the Gulf spill stopped or cleaned up; he does NOT want the border control issue settled; he does NOT want the global financial crisis to end; and the coming “pandemic” will be to MAKE America submit to the gub’ment health-care plan. With all of this in place, the puppet-master will be in the driver’s seat for introduction of his One-World system for One Financial system, One Global Government and One World Religion. Welcome to the New-World Order .. So the destruction of the Gulf of Mexico, the State of Arizona, the American Healthcare and financial systems and one General, in the order of things, is no big thing. That’s how the puppet-master sees the world.