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Friday, May 30, 2008

Careful Louise, All The Squirrels Ain't In The Trees

Well it seems that over the week-end while all of us normal Americans were celebrating America, some of the barnyard swine got restless. While we were honoring the fallen heroes who provided our freedom, some of the anti-American squirrels came down out of their trees. And it seems they are running wild all this week.

Sharon Stone’s explanation of how the world functions makes one believe that she has had something other than her finger going up her nose. Surely no one in their right mind would stand up and proclaim that all of the people who died in the earth-quake in China, got just what they deserved. Tell me she was high on something. But please don’t tell me this woman was in her right mind and really believes that several thousand children deserved to be swallowed up in the earth because of what the communist rulers in Beijing are doing to the Dalai Lama. Surely she can’t think that the seventy-three year old man, whose wife fed him for days while he was trapped under the rubble, should have his house fall on him because of communist party abuse toward the people of Tibet. If “karma” was a fact would not her mouth have grown as shut as her mind by now? I believe the only reason she apologized was because she never dreamed there would this much blow-back.

Next, the squirrel of all squirrels our best ex-President, Jimmy “the-peanut-brained” Carter. Stands up before the whole world and shares the “classified?” information he has been privy to about who has how many nukes. I’m certain the Israeli people are not real happy about being outted as to how well armed they may or may not be. Isn’t there some sort of standard about intelligent behavior that we can use to legally declare this poor tortured soul incompetent, take away his passport and put a muzzle on him. You know he has to be in a great deal of pain. It has to hurt to be so eat-up with stupid. And like the man says, “You can’t fix stupid!”

You just know that God the Father is so pleased with Trinity United Church of Christ. You know, where rev. Jeremiah “G-D-America” Wright was the pastor and spiritual adviser for about twenty years to Barrack Obama. This place has a longer line of the most filthy-mouthed, hate filled, speakers (You can’t call them preachers of the gospel) than any so called pulpit has ever had to endure. Father? Michael “potty-mouth,” Pfleger was the latest speaker to pass up the chance to speak to these people about their souls and “play-to-the-crowd” with wild, inflammatory, racist remarks. This false prophet - wolf in sheep’s clothing, should be shunned like he has leprosy, by everyone until his repentance becomes as notorious as his sin. No! I’m not buying his apology either. He knew what he was going to say when he went in there. It’s just a sad, long line of clowns, out there skinning the sheep. If any of the denominational leadership had Biblical courage, they would de frock these wolves in sheep’s clothing. Memo to the members: When your “preachers” use foul words - cursing, from God’s sacred desk, they are NOT speaking for the Lord Jesus - it’s NOT Christian.

What can we say about Scott “momma’s-fine-little-man” McClellan? I didn’t trust him when he was working for the White house and I like him even less now. I am NOT a big fan of the current President nor his party. I guess the reason I am skeptical about his claim that the Bush administration was so skillful at deceiving the public, is because as I would grade them, “This administration has at least matched, if not surpassed the Carter administration for incompetence in execution of a plan and lack of ability to intelligently defend it’s people and positions.” I don’t know if what “momma’s-little-man” has written in his book is true or not. I do know that where I come from, if he sat through all he accuses the Bush administration of doing to deceive the American people, said nothing and continued to take a paycheck, we have a name for him. It’s WHORE! A US government position as spokesman for the President of the US is NOT the place to "find yourself." He should be grown and know who he is and what he stands for by now. I apologize to all prostitutes in Brownsville, Ensley and everywhere else.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

What Are You Doing To Make A Difference?

Alonzo Stagg was one of the country’s outstanding football coaches, he kept substitutes on the bench constantly alert by suddenly popping questions at them while the game was in progress. One afternoon he turned to a fourth-team substitute who had played the role of human tackling dummy in practice all season and demanded of him, “What would you do if we had possession of the ball, one minute to play, the score tied, and we had only four yards to go for a touchdown?” The substitute stammered, “I guess I’d move down to the end of the bench so I could see better.”

It is tragic but true that most American’s are only “bench-warmers” in the business of American political life. Most of both political parties are only institutional “couch potatoes.” The only difference is that some have gotten into position for a better view than others. And now, they can’t understand why the whole country is going down the toilet.

Perhaps the greatest ongoing battle being fought on earth today is the battle for truth. The battle rages on many fronts and under many banners. For a Christian, the battle is simplified. The issue is the truth of God pitted against all the ideologies, philosophies and world-views that oppose it. Yes Ethel, both political parties oppose truth, adamantly and aggressively. You see, nothing is more infuriating to the natural human mind than the fact of the extreme narrowness of truth. Contrary to the popular teachings of the communist/socialist movement in our public schools, there is such a thing as absolute right and wrong. Many of the opposing views are formidable and mouthed fervently by militants, which increases the necessity of someone being fully armed with apologetic skill and love. For Christians we are to “speak the truth in love,” the Bible says. This is not an easy assignment for anyone today.

If I, a WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) make the public observations about the high illegitimate birth rate of the black community, as Bill Cosby does, I’m branded a racist. If I comment that the immigration laws of our nation need to be obeyed, I’m accused of hating Latinos. In either case, nothing could be further from the truth. It’s not really me that is being rejected, it’s the truth I am speaking. But speak this truth we must if we really love and care about people. After all, regardless of their ethnic origins they are all God‘s creation.

In summation, truth is not variable and should not be flexible to any honest American, regardless of race, creed, color or political party. Someone said, “We live in an age that grants “plausibility” to every idea and “certainty” to none.” But God’s truth is absolute, not relative, whatever the secular mind may think and the secular mouth may argue. Our society must stop granting credibility to the absurd. “Wrong is still wrong, even if everybody is doing it; and right is still right even if nobody does believe it!” And truth is not negotiable in that no price will entice the truly honest person to sell out the truth.

This brings us to a couple of questions. “What are your moral values about lies, sex outside of marriage, stealing, etc.?” “What is you authority for these values, where did you get them?” “Have you ever sat down and questioned your way through these values to see if they have any foundation in reality?” “What are you doing, starting with yourself, to make a difference in the world?” “Are you all consumed with pleasing yourself?” The Bible says in Proverbs 23:23; “Buy the truth and sell it not.” Jesus tells us in John 8:32 that the truth will set us free. Are you doing something to make a difference in this world, or have you simply moved to where you have a better view?

Have a great memorial day week-end. Good people gave their life that you may enjoy life!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Whatever Happened To My Grandparent's Democrat Party?

That’s the question of the hour for so many “former democrats” like myself. My mother’s father would have voted for the jack-ass it’s self if they had put his picture on the ticket. I can still hear my father’s mother saying, “If you want to go back to “Hoover Days” (meaning the depression) just let them republicans get back in office.” All of my family agreed, fifty years ago, that the democrat party was the party “of the common man.” And was considered the only place where the common man could have his voice heard. So, What happened?
My observations may help some to understand how the party got in the mess they are in now. The simple answer is, “They took a hard left turn somewhere back up the road.” But then the republicans have made the same left turn in their thinking and attitude as well. (Just not as far to the left and not as fast) It all started publicly in the sixty’s when both parties started “giving credibility to the absurd.”
America and liberty were in a world-wide free-for-all with the repressive philosophy of world dominating communism. And when irrational, repressive ideas were presented by spoiled-brat college children, many said, “Hold on, we need to listen.” When children who had been taught by socialist/communist professors, spewed these vile un-American absurdities, many adults gave the ideas credibility by open discussion. The children were being told that, “Everyone can have it all.” And “the state” can create utopia right here, right now, for free. We now know that’s just not true, someone has to pay the piper. Over the last forty years the U.S. deficit has proven this to be a fact. But not willing to admit the ridiculousness of the communist philosophy, the boomer generation of democrats plunged on in an effort to prove that the only reason socialism/communism had not worked anywhere before, was because “they” were not in charge. They are totally convinced that the more “central control” - the more “power” the federal government has, the more problems it can fix. They have lost those beautiful words from Abraham Lincoln, “….Government OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people shall not perish from the earth.” It Has. The ideology of the democratic party today is “Government OF the “elite” OVER the masses, FOR their own good.”
This is evidenced by the idea of an all powerful DNC that can dictate to each state when, where and how they may hold their state elections. And the DNC has assumed the authority to punish, by however stringent a means they deem necessary, the states that do not obey their dictates. How can the DNC begin to think they have the authority to disallow the votes of the people of Michigan and Florida? The right to vote is guaranteed by the US Constitution, NOT the DNC! This was an unconstitutional deal when it was ordered. They do NOT now have, nor have they ever had the authority to remove the constitutional right to vote from anyone in any election. Party bosses (same name in the communist party) do not want to trust the people with the decision making process, so they have invented this idea that some people are more equal than others, therefore they have “super delegates” to make sure that if the people screw it up and don’t vote the way party bosses (read DNC) want, these super delegates can correct it. Evidence of this is the pressure to have Hilary Clinton get out of the race. WHY? Almost half the people in the party want her in the race. The fact that Clinton and Obama agreed to this unconstitutional idea of not counting the votes of these two states is finial evidence that they too, are both flawed in their basic understanding of government “of the people, by the people, for the people.” They are part of the problem, not part of the solution.
Now the DNC faces the mess if the nomination goes to Clinton, the Black populace will riot in the streets, and may be with good cause. If the nomination goes to Obama because of a backroom deal to divide up the Michigan and Florida vote other than as they were cast, it’s going to split the democratic party wide open. The only way out for honest democrats, is march into the convention, demand to be seated and counted. After the Presidential candidate is elected by the people, they should demand a re-write of their by-laws so that the people of each state are put back in charge of elections instead of the omnipotent DNC. If the attitude and philosophy of the party was as it should be, the DNC, being farthest from the people, would have the least power and control. The state leaders would have more responsibility and accountability because they are closer to the people. Then we can get back to “One person, One vote” government, you know, “of the people, by the people, for the people.” That is as it should be in both parties.

"When a man who is honestly mistaken is presented the truth, he ceases to be mistaken, or he ceases to be honest!"
Ed Anthony