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Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Girls All Get Prettier At Closing Time

As I watched the South Dakota and Montana primaries come to a close the other night, the words to an old country and western song came to mind. “The girls all get prettier at closing time.” Look at this, the democrats have chosen someone even more out of touch with reality than we thought possible. A candidate with a more liberal voting record than ANYONE else in the Senate, and with direct connections to big time criminals - home grown terrorist and extreme racial/religious bigots, has been stood up before the nation for President by the democrats. As we get nearer to closing time, the old gal is getting prettier all the time? After all the jokes and cartoons, it’s hard to believe that Hilary Clinton could come in as “the lesser of two evils.”

You with that racist branding iron in your hand, “Where were you when democrats threw Oreo cookies (black on the outside and white on the inside) onto the stage during an appearance of Maryland’s Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele?” - “John Sylvester, a white liberal democrat in Madison, Wisconsin, and Obama supporter, characterized Dr. Condoleezza Rice on his radio talk show as a stupid, servile black woman, calling her an “Aunt Jemima.” Why do democrats get a pass on racist acts? I think black people like Dr. Rice, Michael Steel, Ambassador Allan Keys or General Colin Powell are great candidates for President and vice President. I don’t believe that any one can, with reason, challenge the intelligence, love of country, and courage of these people. But this is based on their judgment, education and experience, not their speaking ability. Remember, “Talk is cheap.” I disagree with them on some issues, but I have a great deal of admiration for all of these people. They are not extremist. I was ready for a black man to be president a decade ago. No, my friends, I have no problem with an African-American becoming the President, I just don’t believe THIS African-American is the one America needs at this point in time.

I’ll give you that He is a sincere, smart, honest young man who means well. But when one examines his positions on so many issues, he’s either out of touch with reality or very naive. And he has that history of voting “Present.” on so many issues as if to say, “I haven’t got a clue.” I believe that he is so very unaware of the influence his social contacts have made on his mind over the last twenty years. My “Auntie” used to tell me that if I laid down with dogs, I’d get up with fleas. He has made some remarks in unguarded moments that have revealed his inner soul. He has fleas. Nothing wrong with having fleas, it’s keeping them after you are told how to get ride of them that is wrong. He keeps trying to stand by these “bad influences.” By being around these left wing lunatic-extremist from the Illinois democratic party, his worldview and attitudes toward certain people groups are stereotyped. It’s impossible to associate with these people for twenty years and not be influenced by them. Your thinking is colored by the things they say and do. I believe that what made America great was, “God; Guns; and Guts. And that has nothing to do with bitterness about anything. I’m a happy old gray headed WASP. But then, I wasn’t raised to try to blame my problems on everyone else.

What would the MSM do with a young “White Man” running for President, who would list as his spiritual advisors Dr. Wesley Swift and pastor Richard Butler? [They were the founders of the Church of Jesus Christ, Christian: Aryan Nation] What if this young man had conducted business and social affairs with the likes of David Duke, and even been in some organization and had meals in the home of Timothy McVeigh? Who by the way, considered himself a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, Christian: Aryan Nation. The MSM would not stand for one minute a white candidate who was associated with these religious extremist, racial bigots, known criminals and home grown terrorist. Rev. Wright is no more a scholar than Rev. Richard Butler. Both are crack-pots who twist the Word of God to suit their own needs. Bernardine Dohrn & Bill Ayers, are not one speck different from Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh. They are still unrepentant about their bombings, and openly admit they wish they had done more. Tony Rezko is a convicted high level criminal who did real estate deals and raised money for Mr. Obama. They are all cut from the same piece of cloth. A right wing idiot or a left wing idiot are still both idiots and a mob boss is a mob boss. If it is unacceptable for the white candidate to have associations like these, why is it NOT a problem for the African-American candidate to have these same associations?

But in the spirit of unity, I have a few suggestions for Mr. Obama. The first one is, “Stop trying to hang George Bush around John McCain’s neck. If John is anything, he’s a mavrick. He is known for being a pain in the Republican backside. That worked when the Clinton’s hung Newt Gingrich around Bob Dole’s neck, but it’s not going to fly again and it makes you look desperate to use the old politics you claim to be changing. Second, stop trying to twist John McCain’s words about the troops being in Iraq for a hundred years. Everyone with the IQ of a hockey puck knows what he was talking about and you are spinning and it’s not true. Again, it makes you look desperate and dishonest. And lastly, Don’t put Hilary on as your VP. Her and Bill come as a pair. They have been “snaking” people as long as you have been in this world. They will over shadow you because they always have their own agenda. Make her the ambassador to the UN. They deserve each other!


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